The Spread Eagle, Queen’s Road, Brentwood

1st Wednesday of every month (6pm until 8pm)

£5 per person (including a drink & nibbles)

If you’re a part of the creative community whether you work locally or elsewhere, then Creative Drinks and Links should be right up your street. Organised by creatives, for creatives.

It’s a chance to share ideas, chat, collaborate, and find the
support you need to grow.

Why come along?

  • ‘Talk shop’ with other creatives
  • Share ideas and show-off your work
  • Be inspired by exciting short talks
  • Partner up on projects
  • Grow your business
Creative Drinks & Links

The next Creative Drinks & Links is Wednesday 7th February. See you at the bar!

Here's how it works...


Head along to the Spread Eagle, Queen’s Road, Brentwood. Drop £5 in the pot, head to the bar, and start networking. You’ll find the atmosphere is informal, friendly and fun.

6:30pm - 6:45pm

A quick welcome, and relaxed introductions.

6:45pm - 8:00pm

The floor is open. Mix, mingle, and ‘talk shop’ with fellow creatives to your heart’s content. Hand out business cards. Showcase examples of your work. Invite input and advice.

8:00pm onwards - Drinks & Links Afterparty

Although we officially wrap things up at 8pm, the pub remains open for the rest of the evening. Feel free to stick around and understand more about each other’s businesses.  This is a great chance to look for ways to collaborate on projects, and to grow.

Listen as Drinks & Links creative Jill Willis talks about the group on local radio, Phoenix FM.

Register to attend the next Drinks & Links event.

Then simply turn up.  It’s £5 per person (including a drink and nibbles).  See you at the bar!

Contact Us:

Email [email protected]

Telephone 01277 849443


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